Fajita Marinade

On request, for Dave and Micah
Fajita Marinade good for Beef or Chicken =)
¼ cup Olive Oyl inst a big bowl, agh agha agh
2 tsp Worcestershestershestershire suace
1 tsp Lime zesti-ness grated rind (that’s the peel for you Amuricans)
2 tsp Cumin (not as dirty as it sounds)
¼ Cup Green Lemons (Limes)
1 tsp NaCl (Salt)
¼ cup Cilantro chopped fine (the Parsley Imposter)
½ tsp Oregano (the Shake)
½ tsp Sneezing Powder (Pepper)
½ Clove of garlic minced finely
Couple beef bullion cubes (those miniature salt-lick things) dissolved in warm water OR Can-O-Beef Broth
The Cilantro and Lime are the Magic in good fajitas so don’t skimp out on those!