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Design: Stronach Bench

Started sketching ideas for a bench_rough2new furniture design. Nelson & Apple Powermac/MacPro  inspiration..  Six wooden slats with 12, maybe 11 gauge, anodized aluminum end pieces. Birch or Ash for the slats. Next up outlining the 2D design for the end pieces.


Holy Smoke

Theory and observation..

While I was stopped at a red light and taking a drag on a cigarette a curiosity came over me:

When I accelerate, the smoke that left the end of my cigarette does not travel to the rear of the car. More thinking,  would an un-tethered balloon, stay pace with my accelerating or float to the rear of the car ?

The smoke that leaves the cigarette, although lighter than air, still at a molecular level attached to the cigarette, if so at which point do smoke particles, isolated or collectively, become independent of the cigarette.

What are the factors?

Working trials and experiments.


UV Mapping Desktop Display

Theory , tech..

In 3D modeling, the designed wire meshes are painted, skinned if you will in a process called UV mapping. For example a 3d object (model) , mesh is designed with an application and to paint and object with a design or pattern, skin so to speak, an algorithm un-wraps the model  (mesh) and flattens it into a 2D “canvas” for the designer to paint. This image is then wrapped back onto the mesh transforming it from wireframe or solid color into completed 3D model.

The Holy Grail of desktop or gaming PC’s is to have a 360º desktop (view space) Conventionally users have a single desktop screen sometimes multiple. Flights simulations has several displays for each view port of a virtual aircraft canopy front,left and right. A full 360º spherical, hemi-spherical or even quarter-spherical  display would be exceptional and the sought after Holy Grail, this can be possible with a UV Mapped Desktop.

Take what is conventionally rendered for a desktop, un-wrap it and repaint, rerender it onto the UV coordinates to be projected onto a quarter-spherical, hemi-spherical or spherical screen surrounding the user. Images by projection externally or internally or integrated by LED, OLED.